Your “I Do” Secret …

Whether you are the bride or guest at a bridal shower or bachelorette party, when it comes to choosing or receiving lingerie it can often cause a little “blushing”. The bride is sometimes shy about opening a gift box with unmentionables in front of grandma or mom, and the guest can be a little skeptical when shopping for the bride, “Is she risque? Or is she conservative?”. Seek no more! Victoria’s Secret has unveiled (no pun intended … or maybe just a little) it’s new Sexy Little Bride collection.

The collection covers everything from pre-wedding to post wedding. The bridal shower has super cute lace robes and garters; the bachelorette party with veils, sash, and eye masks. Pick up a cute babydoll sleeper or some fun edible icing for the honeymoon. And they have even brought out the big guns by introducing the wedding day shaping line complete with bustier, slips, briefs, and more. If your the bride who wants all to know she is soon to be wed, check out their cute blinged out hoodies, tanks, and briefs.

To see more, go to:

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