Sky’s the Limit

With summer around the corner, weddings under way, and the itch to experience a new environment we are lightly touching on some hidden and some not so hidden places to visit. Because our world is so vast, we are focusing (more like just touching on) this entry just on beaches and islands.

We absolutely love the Amalfi Coast, Palawan (Philippines), and Tahiti for romantic beach get aways. Take a scenic boat to Emerald Caves and drive top down with the sun on your face along the coast of Amalfi. But be sure to steer clear of August when the city is inundated with local vacationers. The best time to go is June, July or September.

A hidden gem amidst the south east Asia region, Palawan is the perfect place to go for a secluded and exotic holiday. The long journey – plane, land, boat, land – is well worth the wait. Explore the mystical Underground River, island hop to Kayangan Lake, or dive through the crystal clear blue waters.

It seems to be that everyone I speak to lately is looking to go to Tahiti for their honeymoon. But there has to be more than just these enticing bungalow’s above water, world class spa treatments, and sugar white beaches (as if that was not reason enough), right? Of course! It isn’t referred to as the Holy Grail of Luxury vacations (Conde Nast, for no reason! The French Polynesian island is home to the best black pearl shopping in the world. Be sure to visit all three posh islands – Huahine, Moorea, and Rangiroa. Feeling VIP? Have a Motu Picnic! A gourmet meal is brought to you on your own little islet in the middle of the lagoon.

And of course there is Thailand. Oh how I love thee. Thailand gives you everything in one beautiful destination. Breath taking sunsets on the island of Kho Pagnan, a paradise to be discovered inside (yes, I said inside – you take a canoe under the rocks) the islands off the coast of Phuket, spectacular marine life in Kho Tao, exquisite cuisine everywhere, delightful people in Chiang Mai, shopping in Bangkok, the list is endless. A definite must see on your list.

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