Bringing Back Andy Warhol

With our “think outside the box” hats on, we recently decided to add a little flare, if you will, to one of the networking socials we planned in Delray Beach, Florida. The Loft at Congress has bright red, blue, and yellow walls accented with Warhol quotes, Marilyn Monroe paintings, and NYC tributes – it was the perfect host for the theme of the evening. We accentuated the front of the Loft with white linen draped high boys from our friends at Atlas Party Rentals and floral arrangements placed on top of LED lit acrylic boxes by Ines Naftali Floral Designs. When you have a space with so much going on already, your additional decor components should be kept clean and simple.

The back of The Loft is where the sites name comes to play. It is a raw canvas space that mirrors a loft. You can leave the draping closed to wash the walls in color or open them up to unveil primary color blocks that compliment the front of the venue. We kept ours closed to light them up with LED alternating color boxes from UpLyte. The space was transformed into the Factory for all to gather, eat, and drink. Ken-Rose Catering provided us with a gourmet buffet of mouth watering, going back for seconds hors d’oeuvres.  AA musicians had their DJ play Studio 54 esque tunes, while attendees took pictures at the Warhol photobooth! So Cool! Our peeps over at Touch of Paradise decorated three “reception” tables and some high cocktail tables using mini disco balls, Campbell’s soup cans as flower vases, and Ms.Monroe herself. Check out the pictures!

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