Sara + Jason: Cheeca Lodge Resort and Spa

Let’s rewind to 6 months ago when I had the pleasure of meeting Sara via another gorgeous bride while gown shopping. Sara had been engaged for eight months and had no desire or energy to plan this wedding. And how could she? She’s a pharmacist that works insanely long days! Loving weddings as much as I do, I was sad that she was not as excited about her wedding as she was about her fiance. Well, after our afternoon out, that changed!

Sara and Jason have the cutest TV teen show story. The cliff notes version is: Jason and Sara’s brother have been best friends since grade school. Sara had the biggest crush on Jason growing up but he was her brothers BFF so that was not happening. Fast forward into young adult hood and the sparks started flying! Jason proposed at her family’s lake house in upstate NY – the same exact spot her great grandmother got engaged!! Now can you see why we couldn’t resist this wedding?! Their engagement dinner celebration took place at Cheeca Lodge and came full circle when their actual nuptials took place.

Cheeca Lodge is the perfect hidden gem or crown jewel as they like to call it, among the Florida Keys. A strip of white sandy beaches makes any ceremony private. The service was impeccable, food was 5 stars, and  the property is home to multiple breathtaking backdrops for the perfect wedding album. This intimate wedding of 14 guests (immediate family only) did not leave out the details just because of its size. The bouquet was to die for! Especially when placed against the deep purple convertible bridesmaid dress. Elegant ivory linens and sparkling lace runner complimented the rooms rustic ambiance. Beautiful green and purple flowers brought in just the right amount of color and the candles flames bouncing off the runner adorned the entire center of the royal table. Floral place cards made of green and purple paper (Etsy) had guests names on them and tied everything beautifully. The bride and groom toasted using Sara’s heirloom glasses!

Guests were treated to an entire weekend of laughter and memories beginning with a welcome dinner at Piers on Friday, golfing and kayaking for the men and aromatic massages for the women pre-wedding on Saturday, and of course a divine brunch before departing back to their Miami homes on Sunday. What a delightful and united family to work with!

All made possibly by: Ines Naftali Floral Design, Daniel LaTeulade Photography, Contempo Linens, Cheeca Lodge, Etsy, Medusa’s Mane.


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