Destination Wedding: Zurich, Switzerland

Meet Adrienne, a gorgeous Swiss girl on her last weekend trip abroad in Miami Beach, Florida. Meet Ghen, a dapper young man enjoying his home town of Miami Beach, Florida. Boy met Girl and they fell in love. Their initial wedding location was Miami Beach, true to where they met but not to where he proposed. During a trip back to her homeland, they decided that Zurich felt like a better match for their nuptials.

Eight months later we are transported back in time to what feels like a Medieval Castle with breathtaking views of Luxemberg atop a hill. The festivities began with a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony followed by a cocktail hour whose activities included bow and arrow shooting and private castle tours. The reception’s music was a combination of folkloric alphorns, a DJ, and a live 4 piece band. Dinner was local fresh fish with an infinite array of desserts, including chocolate of course! The royal tables were adorned with romantic single vase roses in assorted shades of pink, large modern candelabras, and laid over a bed of green vines.

It definitely felt like we went back in time … and we wish them a happily ever after…. Stay tuned for more pictures.

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