Get Wedding Ready at Home

As the wedding and holiday season come upon us, so do those office parties, Sunday dinners, late nights with the girls, and inconsistent schedules. How ever is a girl supposed to stay in shape? Whether you are a guest at a wedding or the Bride herself, we have a few options for you to either get in or stay in shape this season. We are by no means health or fitness or experts, we just thought we’d share some of our favorite workout regimens.

First up, Cardio. If you’re looking to shed some pounds before toning up then cardio is the way to go. Some of the popular workouts include Zumba, Spinning, and your traditional elliptical and treadmill machines. Locally, 360 Energy in Motion has weekly schedules with different instructors on both spinning and pilates.  The motivating instructors to the loud music keep you pumped.

Toning. If you are looking to sweat and tone then the latest and greatest trend are Kettle Classes. Coach Carlos, of Corporal Crossfit in Miami, Fl has uploaded some instructional videos on how to work with Kettle Balls and get in shape to fit into your wedding dress for the big day. These videos are perfect for you busy gals with no time. Now you can do it on your own time. Access videos directly on this link:

And then there’s Crossfit. In Miami, we are big fans of Coach Carlos at Corporal Crossfit located in Miami Lakes and North Miami. Classes of 8 students to 1 instructor make for an intimate setting, more hands on learning, and less intimidation. No judgement on our muffin top from last week’s parties. Our kind of place!

Address: 16600 NW 54 Ave. Unit 8 & 9. Miami Lakes, FL 33014

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