Brunch Wedding Receptions

In a world where the new norm is to make your own traditions, couples are thinking and asking of ways to make their wedding different. At Twenty7 Events our motto is always to bring their personal brand to life. The latest and greatest trend is brunch weddings. Especially with a water view. Brunch celebrations are ideal for not only weddings but anniversaries, vow renewals, and the 2nd or 3rd times a charm wedding (wink, wink).

Due to the day and timing of a brunch wedding, your overall reception expenses can be significantly lower. Take this opportunity to splurge on location, bar, and food. Nontraditional venues or smaller high end boutique hotels like the Delano in South Beach love hosting brunch weddings. Treat your guests to a full open bar with an upgraded champagne and spirits shelf in a chic hotel. Lavish those in attendance with a gourmet brunch menu consisting of short rib eggs benedict, lobster frittata, and perhaps a wedding cake made out of Belgian waffles. Yes, you can do that. A soft color palette of flowers will add freshness and romance to the room along with fine china. House linens at most high end venues/ hotels suffice. If not, a delicate lace runner or overlay will add charm without going overboard.

Dancing and Dress Code. Yes, these are important categories that should not fall to the waste side. Live (indoor) music while enjoying your meal is a delightful treat. And if you can’t keep your body still then embrace your inner rock star and hire a DJ. Dancing is always allowed at any party! Your entertainment company can sit with you to discuss music preferences, requests, and formalities. Formal or Casual attire? That is the question. You make the answer. A brunch wedding can have guests arrive in swanky cocktail attire (think South Beach Chic or All White Party) or relaxed summer dresses (think East Hampton in the summer).

Do you need to have all the details that go into an evening reception? Only if you want too. A professional photographer is a definite yes. Have someone capture those nostalgic smile making moments. Escort and place cards are not a necessity but you can have pretty menu’s or food signage. A photo booth may seem like a bit much but a “selfie station” is always a crowd pleaser. What can you give your guests on a Sunday afternoon to take with them? A personal size bottle of champagne of course!

What to do with the money you are saving? Spend it on your “forever” – honeymoon memories and/or jewelry. Memories and diamonds are meant to last forever.

Delano Bianca Dining Room[1] Delano Bianca Vertical Image[1]

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