Romeo and Juliet

Can it get any more romantic than Romeo and Juliet? I’m sure Shakespeare would disagree, but my trend sense says possibly. Aptly named Sweet Juliet, after Shakespeare’s legendary character, David Austin introduced the bloom in 1989.

Not your average Valentine’s Day rose, the Juliet Rose resembles the peony family but it is a hybrid between your modern day shrub rose and your classic garden rose. Her peach and pink hues lend to the romanticism era and make for the perfect neutral color to compliment your wedding. Use it in your bouquet sporadically with green fillers for a garden effect, floating in water with candles for a warming soothing combination, or with whisper pink peonies and ivory cabbage roses for added romance.

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3 Responses to Romeo and Juliet

  1. I’m obsessed with the Sweet Juliet! How could I have never seen this before?!?

  2. stefanie says:

    those are so beautiful!
    sandy, i am already claiming you as my wedding planner. if i ever have a wedding.

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