Plan B: The Outdoor Wedding

So you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding. Whether it’s in Miami, Florida or Southern California you must always, I repeat ALWAYS have Plan B, C, and D. I have yet to meet anyone that has an “in” with mother nature. Outdoor weddings are gorgeous, magical, and risky. When having an outdoor wedding, you should always think of the following:

  1. Do I love my indoor options as much as I love my outdoor vision?
    1. If you don’t then you should probably look at alternate venues whose indoor environment excites you just as much as the outdoor setting.
  2. How late can I make the rain call?
    1. Most venues make it 3 hours prior to ceremony time. More if your reception is outdoors as well.
  3. If I decide to keep it outside and it rains when we are heading out for ceremony, what happens?
    1. Then you go into Plan U: Umbrellas. Be ready for the water, open up those umbrellas and embrace the rain.

As a planner, the one thing I can never promise or control is Mother Nature. Plan B’s are always thought of but sometimes our clients want to take the risk of keeping it outdoors in hopes it will clear up. Sometimes it does. Sometimes it does not. If you opt for taking the risk you must be open to embracing the consequences. Speak with your venue or planner about having large umbrellas handy. Make sure your team of vendors are prepared for the rain as well. A great team goes a long way. At the end of the day what is most important is that you are celebrating the start of your new life together as husband and wife among family and friends. If you must, dance under the rain!

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Brunch Wedding Receptions

In a world where the new norm is to make your own traditions, couples are thinking and asking of ways to make their wedding different. At Twenty7 Events our motto is always to bring their personal brand to life. The latest and greatest trend is brunch weddings. Especially with a water view. Brunch celebrations are ideal for not only weddings but anniversaries, vow renewals, and the 2nd or 3rd times a charm wedding (wink, wink).

Due to the day and timing of a brunch wedding, your overall reception expenses can be significantly lower. Take this opportunity to splurge on location, bar, and food. Nontraditional venues or smaller high end boutique hotels like the Delano in South Beach love hosting brunch weddings. Treat your guests to a full open bar with an upgraded champagne and spirits shelf in a chic hotel. Lavish those in attendance with a gourmet brunch menu consisting of short rib eggs benedict, lobster frittata, and perhaps a wedding cake made out of Belgian waffles. Yes, you can do that. A soft color palette of flowers will add freshness and romance to the room along with fine china. House linens at most high end venues/ hotels suffice. If not, a delicate lace runner or overlay will add charm without going overboard.

Dancing and Dress Code. Yes, these are important categories that should not fall to the waste side. Live (indoor) music while enjoying your meal is a delightful treat. And if you can’t keep your body still then embrace your inner rock star and hire a DJ. Dancing is always allowed at any party! Your entertainment company can sit with you to discuss music preferences, requests, and formalities. Formal or Casual attire? That is the question. You make the answer. A brunch wedding can have guests arrive in swanky cocktail attire (think South Beach Chic or All White Party) or relaxed summer dresses (think East Hampton in the summer).

Do you need to have all the details that go into an evening reception? Only if you want too. A professional photographer is a definite yes. Have someone capture those nostalgic smile making moments. Escort and place cards are not a necessity but you can have pretty menu’s or food signage. A photo booth may seem like a bit much but a “selfie station” is always a crowd pleaser. What can you give your guests on a Sunday afternoon to take with them? A personal size bottle of champagne of course!

What to do with the money you are saving? Spend it on your “forever” – honeymoon memories and/or jewelry. Memories and diamonds are meant to last forever.

Delano Bianca Dining Room[1] Delano Bianca Vertical Image[1]

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Suit Up Boys

The return of tailored suits has been making its rounds the last few years. We can’t tell you how excited we are to see well groomed dapper gentleman on the streets. If you are hesitant about jumping straight into a custom designed and tailored suit think about starting with an off the rack purchase and taking it to the tailor. Get to know what looks good on your body type before you start fretting about picking suit fabrics, colors, lapels, vents and more. Below are some fundamental tips for your next suit purchase. You’re welcome in advance!

  1. If you don’t already have the basics in your closet you should start with black, dark grey or dark blues. These colors can be used for work, weddings, and dinners.
  2. Your initial purchase from the department store will likely be a straight to medium slim cut suit. Take the suit to your tailor and have him alter in the following:
    1. A light shoulder pad will create posture, broader shoulders, and the upper body V shape. There should be no pulling, creasing, or bulking at the shoulder; it should always lie flat.
    2. A proper armhole should not be too large or too small. Try the “hug” test. If you hug the air, your armhole should be grazing underneath your arm. It should not be tight nor should you not feel it at all.
    3. This is at your discretion. Try pulling some images from men’s magazines or websites for inspiration on just how tailored you want your waist to come in. A little insight into cuts: American cut is straight down the sides of the torso. British cut is slightly taken in at the waist. Italian (European) is a tapered waist, completely slim cut. Keep your body frame in mind when selecting your cut.
    4. Jacket Closure. Your jacket should close flat. There should be just be no more than 2 fingers worth of space between the jacket button and your shirt.
    5. Jacket Collar. The back of the jacket should lay flat against your neck and back. If there is a large gap between the neck and the collar or bulking underneath the collar, this should be taken in.
    6. Jacket Sleeve Length. The length of the sleeve of the jacket should come down to the large bone on the wrist to allow for ½” of the shirt cuff to be seen.
    7. Jacket Length. The length of your jacket should be determined by the length of your arms. Your fingers should naturally curve at the edge of your jacket. The hem of the jacket should fall close to the line where the palm meets your fingers. If the palm of your hand extends past your jacket, it is too long.
    8. Pant Inseam or The Seat. Your inseam should not sag or pull but rather lightly cup you.
    9. Pant Length. One break at your hem is appropriate.

When in doubt remember everything should lie flat. If there is any pulling, sagging, bucking or bulking it should be tailored.

130311_TuxBroker_0014 (2) 130311_TuxBroker_0030 130311_TuxBroker_0065

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Runway to Wedding

As we watch the recaps of Spring Summer 2015 fashion weeks we notice a few key color trends that can translate into your wedding or special event decor.

Black and White – a staple across all seasons, countries, and trends black and white was front and center. For your modern wedding, break up the contrast with gold accents. Keep it simple with linear designs in your stationery or square vases. Make it romantic with gold mercury glasses and votives, even a soft gold linen. For your kids chic city birthday party take  McQueen’s ruffled black and white skirt or Chanel’s white dress with black adornments as inspiration for fun and whimsical linens.

mcqueen black and white chanel bandw with gold chanle bandw dots

Lace Laser Cut Outs – Modern romance at its best. Use a bright white lace runner over a blush linen to keep it warm and romantic. Left: Valentino. Right: Louis Vuitton.

valentino all white laceLV all white

Rich Colors in breathtaking jacquard patterns. These gorgeous works of art draped on models (Valentino below) can be used all together for a corporate avant garde look or use a combination of the hues in your flowers over a neutral (blush for romance or black for drama) linen for balance. Take a look at the Louis Vuitton dress on the right.

valentino color LV color

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Miami Beach Swim Week Wraps

Though it isn’t event and tourist season in Miami, one definitely wouldn’t know it last week during Miami Beach Swim Week. Crowds from all over the globe came to witness the bare bodies with itty bitty bikini’s, swimsuit cover ups, and other fun summer wardrobe essentials.  Miami Beach’s hotels’ and convention center were inundated with shows featuring designers from all over the world. Funky materials, ruffle tops, high waist bottoms with cheeks for days, and Superga shoes were all the rage. Television personalities and creatives filled front rows at the Mercedes Benz Swim shows and local movers and shakers along with press crowded the satellite shows.  Great show add on’s included photo booths with fun props and pop up shops.

Miami Beach Swim Week 2014 swim 2 swim 3 swim 4 swim 5 swim 6

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Get Started On Your Wedding the Right Way!

Twenty7 Events is happy to introduce the Get Started! package for weddings. The Get Started! package has been perfectly tailored to accommodate the bride that is unsure of her wedding planning needs and does not want a wedding planner but needs the insight and experience of one.

This consultation package helps you organize your ideas with an estimated timeline, maximize your vision with a vendor category list, create an action plan strategy for your wedding, and facilitate solutions to possible venue challenges. We use our wedding planning and business skills to provide objective advice, expertise, and specialty to help you organize your planning needs.  

Email us to Get Started!

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Get Wedding Ready at Home

As the wedding and holiday season come upon us, so do those office parties, Sunday dinners, late nights with the girls, and inconsistent schedules. How ever is a girl supposed to stay in shape? Whether you are a guest at a wedding or the Bride herself, we have a few options for you to either get in or stay in shape this season. We are by no means health or fitness or experts, we just thought we’d share some of our favorite workout regimens.

First up, Cardio. If you’re looking to shed some pounds before toning up then cardio is the way to go. Some of the popular workouts include Zumba, Spinning, and your traditional elliptical and treadmill machines. Locally, 360 Energy in Motion has weekly schedules with different instructors on both spinning and pilates.  The motivating instructors to the loud music keep you pumped.

Toning. If you are looking to sweat and tone then the latest and greatest trend are Kettle Classes. Coach Carlos, of Corporal Crossfit in Miami, Fl has uploaded some instructional videos on how to work with Kettle Balls and get in shape to fit into your wedding dress for the big day. These videos are perfect for you busy gals with no time. Now you can do it on your own time. Access videos directly on this link:

And then there’s Crossfit. In Miami, we are big fans of Coach Carlos at Corporal Crossfit located in Miami Lakes and North Miami. Classes of 8 students to 1 instructor make for an intimate setting, more hands on learning, and less intimidation. No judgement on our muffin top from last week’s parties. Our kind of place!

Address: 16600 NW 54 Ave. Unit 8 & 9. Miami Lakes, FL 33014

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