A Little Favor … A Lot of Meaning

Not sure what to give out as a favor at your next event? The usual comes to mind, chocolate, heart-shaped coffee scoops, candles, etc. How about sharing the love and making a donation to your favorite charity? Whether you are having a destination wedding and are thinking about your guests luggage and your shipping expenses; or you are having an on location wedding and feel your guests don’t need another picture frame, giving a donation in lieu of a traditional favor is meaningful for everyone.

So how does it work? . It all depends on your charity. If your designated charity gives you a place card that states the donation (in a tasteful manner), then they will usually require a minimum per person donation. If you choose to create your own place card advising the guests, then the charity may waive the minimum. St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital (my personal favorite) gives you a $2 per favor or $200 per order minimum. In exchange they give you the option of receiving scrolls, bookmarks, or a display stand explaining your gesture.

Not sure who to donate to? The I Do Foundation (www.idofoundation.com) and Just Give (www.justgive.org) have links to different organizations and give you the option of foregoing your registry and donating instead. You can donate directly through them and then purchase your favor cards. The sites have categories spanning environmental contributions to medical specialties.

Here is a direct link to St.Jude: http://shop.stjude.org/GiftCatalog/shop.do?cID=12345 or email them weddings@stjude.org.

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